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Ditch Witch JT2020 Mach 1


The Ditch Witch JT 2020 Mach 1 is the best in it's class for size to power ratio.  It is more at home installing conduits ranging in size from 63mm to 160mm.  However we commissioned the construction of a one of a kind reamer that allows us the ability to install conduits/pipes up to 510mm.  It also has the capacity to install steel slieves for those delicate services and grinds it's way through rock.  It requires a safe working zone of approx 6m to achieve it's best results.  The maximum drill shot length is approx 110m and it is capable of crossing even the roughest terrain to get the job done!

McLaughlin Mighty Mole


This compact unit can fit into the tightest of sites where bigger machines simply won't fit.  It can install conduits up to 160mm in diameter to a maximum length of approx 40m.  The increased 360 degree control of a directional drill can ensure the conduit is installed perpendicular to the road it is crossing.  It requires an operating zone of just over 2m to complete the job.  It is ideal for those tight road crossings where excavation is simply not an option!




Where ground conditions permit a method called hand plunking may be an alternative solution.  We have two sucker trucks capable of installing conduits up to 150mm for road crossings & driveways across any terrain.



The grundomat is the perfect solution to sites where even the mighty mole cannot fit with minimal disturbance to the ground.  It can install conduits up 110mm.

Trenchless Solutions