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Indigenous Engagement

Tru-Line recognises that our long-term success depends on the well-being and development of the communities in which we operate.  We respect the importance of the Indigenous Australian culture and value its diversity.  Tru-Line will work in partnership with Indigenous people and traditional owners to make sustainable improvements for Indigenous people.

Tru-Line has successfully employed and supported Indigenous people within our operations since incorporation in 1998.  Increasing Indigenous jobs and careers on our traffic management and civil projects is an integral part of Tru-Line's philosophy.

Specifically, Tru-Line will endeavour to benefit the Indigenous community by:

  • Improve the understanding of each other's concerns and aspirations through meaningful consultation

  • Opportunity to gain experience with an experienced industry partner

  • Increased capability for future traffic management and civil projects

  • Increased employment through direct employment for experienced workers

  • Increased employment through subcontracts for local businesses

  • Access to traineeships and development programs for inexperienced workers

  • Capacity for Indigenous Australians to work on own traditional lands

  • Understand the responsibilities Indigenous people have to their traditional culture and assist in developing processes that allow for partnerships without hindering that responsibility

  • Build business support processes and systems

  • Provide a working environment that is culturally sensitive and supportive for all employees


Tru-Line where possible, is open and committed to joint ventures with indigenous corporations.

Tru-Line is currently working in conjunction with ICCS Group WA Pty Ltd  (Indigenous Civil Construction Services)